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  • TEL: 01527 544 522
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Microteam offers a consistent and professional IMAC service, which covers all the day-to-day activities associated with managing your IT estate - with installation of your hardware and software and all the associated data transfers and user orientation. All onsite activities are conducted with minimal disruption to the daily operation of your business.

Some of our onsite IMAC services include:


  • Pre-delivery preparation and testing
  • Unpacking and connecting your new hardware
  • Connecting all peripheral devices that are required.
  • Removal of waste packaging
  • Any additional testing following a script.


  • Full disconnection of your Assets
  • Full Package management to ensure safe transit to the new location
  • Reconnection at the new location
  • Ensure hardware is functional


  • Installation of internal/external hardware into current equipment
  • Installation of standard software following vendor/distributer instructions


  • Upgrading or downgrading of current computer systems with full verification testing upon completion.

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