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  • TEL: 01527 544 522
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Let Microteam help with your Asset Management by using our asset tagging and reporting services, which make identifying, tracking, securing, your assets easier, simpler and more affordable.

The best and simplest way to use this is when your assets are being staged through our centre as part of a project, although this solution is not limited to this or even being carried out on our site the choice is yours.

We can supply just about any type of label you require and can record the Tag ID into the BIOS at the same point if required.

Here are some of our options we can offer:

  • Polypropylene, Polyester, Paper or Metalic based labels
  • Permanent or Removal Adhesive
  • Any Colour
  • Any Size

Our Asset Reporting enables you to easily integrate new assets into your existing asset management systems and receive a report via email at your chosen frequency.

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